Tonkinese Lists

There are many Tonkinese lists, but two Yahoo lists used by many members of the Tonkinese Breed Association are:

Athletic TonkineseBreed Description

Tonkinese are the most popular pedigree companion breed of cats. They are multifaceted. While active, playful, and muscular cats, they are also affectionate, social lap cats. The CFA Breed Profile is a general description of the Tonkinese pedigree cat.

Tonkinese Disposition and Personality

People are attracted to the Tonkinese breed because they are beautiful, but more important, they have a wonderful disposition and personality. Although Tonkinese kittens are great fun, Tonkinese tend to remain kittens throughout their life. Visit our personality page to see lots of photos of Tonkinese with children, other breeds of cats, and dogs.

Tonkinese ColorsTonkinese Colors

Tonkinese come in many color/coat pattern variations. Their coat patterns vary from high contrast between body and points (extremities: face, ears, tail, and legs) to low contrast (almost solid) coat and some in between with more subtle contrast. Tonkinese Color and Coat Patterns explains the basic color definitions and illustrate the color/coat pattern combinations.

Tonkinese Genetics

This article is a technical detailed explanation of the genetics and physical mechanisms that create the colors/coat patterns, and eye colors. It also contains probability tables giving the average number of kitten colors produced by the matings of parents of various colors.

Tonkinese ConformationTonkinese Conformation

The CFA Breed Standard specifies the conformation description by which all Tonkinese are judged in the show ring. The CFA Tonkinese Breed Council site has more in depth help interpreting the standard, including a detailed slide show that steps through the entire standard.

Is my Cat a Tonkinese?

There are no "pure breed" cats in terms of a DNA test or some definitive test to determine a cat's breed. There are only pedigreed cats which means you have documented proof of its parents, grandparents, etc. in a pedigree. If you have a cat of unknown origin, it can be fun to speculate on what breed it is, but you can't know if its a Tonkinese. Only cats of known origins can be a pedigreed Tonkinese. We can't look at a photo, or hear a description, or give it a test and say its a Tonkinese.