Tonkinese Cat Rescue

We help people who have a life style change and can no longer care for their Tonkinese cats, if you purchased a pedigreed Tonkinese from a TBA member. We work with breeders to help solve these rehoming problems. Tonkinese are not usually available for immediate adoption, but we keep a list of people interested when rehoming situations become available.

Our goal is that no pedigreed Tonkinese should end up abandoned or in a shelter. Our national coordinator is the TBA president Bonnie Brooks who can assist with contact information.

Tonkinese PhotoTonkinese Kittens

Do you want a Tonkinese kitten? Below is a partial list of Tonkinese breeders; some breeders choose not to be listed on the web. If no breeder is shown in your area, please contact the TBA secretary Nancy Mikita to see if there is one in your area. You may also want to visit a CFA cat show where you can meet breeders in person. See the CFA Cat Show Schedule for one in your area.

Tonkinese PhotoTonkinese Youngsters and Adults

Breeders may have adoptable adults. They may be retired from breeding or from a show career. These beloved cats may no longer be happy in a cattery. They may be looking for a home with fewer cats competing for attention. They are a good option for someone who wants a more settled cat as versed to a young kitten.  Usually they are priced less than a kitten, but specifics are up to the individual breeder. Many breeders listed below may have retired adults.

Retired Breeders:

Some times cat buyers loose track of their breeder and wish to contact them. Some retired breeders are listed at the bottom. If you can not find them in this list, contact the TBA secretary Nancy Mikita for assistance with contact information.


For Buyers:

Any TBA member can be listed below. TBA makes no representations or warranties with respect to the breeding or business practices of any of the breeders listed. TBA strongly recommends that transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution and due diligence as one would devote to any important business matter.

TBA provides the following guidelines as a minimum to it's breeder members:

No member of the TBA will sell or otherwise transfer ownership of cats in his/her possession:

A. under the age of 12 weeks.
Rationale: Kittens need time with their mother and siblings to be well socialized. Vaccines regimens vary, but most regimens recommend that the core vaccines require a booster at or after 12 weeks for full immunity.

B. a sick cat or kitten without full disclosure of the condition to the new owner.
Rationale: There are times when it is in the best interest of such a cat or kitten to place it in a pet home. This is acceptable so long as the new owner understands the situation and agrees to the terms of transfer. This wording allows for those times when the breeder is simply not aware of a health issue that may turn up later and places no requirements on that situation. Various breeders handle this situation in various ways via their contracts. It is recommended that this disclosure be in writing.

C. without prohibiting the new owner from allowing free roaming of said cat(s).
Rationale: Free roaming cats are at high risk of disease and accidents; this practice should be discouraged. Additionally it is difficult to rehome a free roaming cat should the need arise.

D. without prohibiting the new owner from declawing or tendonectomy of said cat(s), unless the breeder grants a specific exemption due to special circumstances.
Rationale: Declawing and tendonectomy are something we wish to discourage.

For Breeders:

Breeders need to specifically request a listing and provide the details for each field. This is not automatic. Any additions, deletions, or changes should be sent to Nancy Mikita: This is not connected to the roster database.

Name Cattery Location Contact Info Web Page Retired Adults CFA Colors


Carolyyn Rennie & Sara Hoops Sontse Arizona
(520) 954-2293
  Occasionally All


Bonnie Brooks Tonkville Southern California
(760) 522-7975

Stephen Eshelman TenderTonks Northern California (925) 852-1104 TenderTonks

Laurie Holmes Pendragon San Jose & Clearlake
(707) 995-1125
Pendragon Tonkinese West

Chi Lee Amimao Orange County Amimao Tonkinese
  Linda & Carmen

California VivaTonk Tonkinese
  Teri Kay Pulliam

Southern California      
  Clinton & Deborah Parker Seaflower Tonkinese Delaware Seaflower Tonkinese
Yes All


Bea Dore "Aunt Bea" SiamBaliRags Florida
(863) 675-4075
Sometimes All
  Kate Summer Swan Falls Cattery S. Idaho
(208) 922-4949
No Natural and Champagne
  Barbara Reed Verona Blue N KY Greater Cincinnati Area

Facebook - Verona Blue Cattery Occasionally All
  Aurora Luxuria Tonkinese Deliver/meet 8 hrs from Eastern Main Yes All
  Bob & Claire Dubit
Donna Clas
Wan-Lea Baltimore Metro Area

Yes All
  Lynn Jordan Takrai North West of Boston
(978) 779-2969
Takrai Tonkinese
Yes All
  Lisa Smith Machick Seekonk
(508) 328-6835
Occasionally All
  John Hiemstra Wenlock Northville   Occasionally Platinum & Champagne
  Megan Hiemstra Dulcimer Northville      

  Kathy Becker Lovintonks Near St. Louis
(636) 465-2685
Lovintonks Tonkinese
Occasionally All
New Hampshire            
  Louise M. Frank Mine Falls Southern, New Hampshire Minefalls Cattery
Yes All
New Jersey

  Karen Salcedo Aqua Angels Tonkinese Southern NJ
(609) 680-5195
  Occasionally All
New York


Collette Burnett Aristotonks Orange County, NY
(845) 544-2196
  Yes All

Robert Hallead Beritas Western NY
(412) 983-1183
North Carolina            
  Don Thomas ThomTiki N C
(800) 607-7080
ThomTiki Cattery
North Dakota            
  Lisa Shelabarger Prairieridge Sheldon
(701) 882-3289
Prairie Ridge Tonkinese

  Debbie Allgire Allese North West Ohio

Occasionally Platinum & Champagne
  Richard Kish Ricela Cattery Southern Ohio
(740) 864-2185
Ricela Cattery

Nancy Mikita Minkitty Cleveland (Northern Ohio)
(440) 331-9533
Minkitty Tonkinese
Yes All

  Harold and Diane Bourgeois QT-Tonks Groves
(409) 962-3886 or
(409) 718-7993
  Yes Platinum & Champagne
  Marge Benham-Hutckins Balnamore San Antonio Balnamore Tonkinese
Occasionally All
  Debbie Kluka Calitonk Katy
(281) 222-0064
  Sheri Shaffer Cecchetti Austin Area
(469) 952-9336 (cell)
Occasionally All
  Heather Gibson Elevated Cattery Salt Lake City Elevated Cattery
Occasionally All
  Catherine McNeese Aquabella Northern Virginia
(703) 915-9669
  Occasionally Platinum & Champagne
  Valori Trantanella Vitrina Greater Twin Cities Area 
(715) 273-4249
Occasionally All

  Peggy & Derryl Schuetz Angelsheart Near Seattle
(360) 588-9415
Angelheart Tonkinese   All
  Susan Gibson Zanadu Eastern Ontario
(613) 926-1655
  Occasionally All
  Francoise Ferriere Soleil du Siam France Soleil du Siam
Occasionally All
  Hisano Yamashita Hisano Soka, Saitama


  Marie-France Piguet Cemafaune Cattery Switzerland
  All four basic
  Monika Wernli Nashira Aarau, Switzerland Nashira's Tonkinese
Occasionally All


Retired Breeders and Breeders Temporarily Not Breeding

Name Cattery Current State Contact Information Retired Adults
Jane Barletta B'ssa NJ No
Louisa Buford Kinukatz TX
(281) 495-4604
Beth Cassely Purrtek; Kasskats MO contact Bill Cassely

(636) 532-1573
Karen Clarke Shorlynes Kingston Ontario
Wayne Crabtree Treepaw North Central Kentucky
(502) 375-0499
Alex Dado Selella Montana
Temporarily not breeding
Jean Delano Catdancing VA
Amy Arensdorf (formerly Diem) Pendragon FL

Peggy Gyimesi Franklee WV
(304) 745-3866
Candilee Jackson Pawdancer Near St. Louis
(314) 223-3250
Fran and Bruce Nickerson Spielzeit MA
(978) 456-1230
Wanda Martin Wan-Lea MD contact Claire Dubit
Sue Robbins Opurra VA
(540) 661-0484
Jane Smith Maytime FL

Del Walton Lakota-Ma NC contact TBA Secretary
Karen Willis Kiwendo TX Contact Sheri Shaffer  
Marilyn Winters VanWin CA (909) 627-9918