TBA Membership

We are a friendly group of Tonkinese fanciers. Anyone interested in Tonkinese cats may join TBA. If you own a Tonkinese, you can apply for full membership. You need not be a breeder or exhibitor.  Are you a Tonk lover but don't own one? We have associate memberships (non-voting) which does not require owning a Tonkinese cat. Please join our association!

TBA PinTBA pins can be ordered from: 
Karen Willis
P. O. Box 141425 Austin, TX 78714-1425
Price is $8.00 for one and $15 for two.
The pin image is enlarged for detail. Actual size is 3/4 inches.

Purpose and Activities

Constitution & ByLaws

Rules on how the club is run.

TBA Board of Directors

(Voting positions)

President Harold Bourgeois harrycounselor@hotmail.com
Vice President Linda Martino Martino@pobox.com
Secretary Nancy Mikita nmikita@cox.net
Treasurer Karen Willis Karen.willis44@att.net
Past President Sue Robbins SuzieWrite@aol.com
Region 1 Lynn Jordan Tonks@comcast.net
Region 2 Laurie Holmes quest8@ix.netcom.com
Region 3 Sheryl Zink sazink@att.net
Region 4 Peggy Gyimesi fpgyimesi@aol.com
Region 5 Sandee Gilbert sandee@celestekats.com
Region 6 Candilee Jackson pawdancertonks@att.net
Region 7 Claire Dubit cdubit@comcast.net
Region 8 Hisano Yamashita hisanodayo@hb.tp1.jp
Region 9 Laurie Holmes (acting) quest8@ix.netcom.com

Special Committees

(Non-voting positions)

Legislative Liaison Vacant  
Aqua Eye Editor Sharon Lunney aquaeyenews@yahoo.com
Web Master Nancy Mikita nmikita@cox.net
Roster/Database Karen Willis Karen.willis44@att.net
Web Rankings Nancy Mikita nmikita@cox.net
Election Linda Martino
Nancy Mikita
Rescue Coordinator Harold Bourgeois harrycounselor@hotmail.com
Awards Sandee Gilbert