The conformation of a Tonkinese is moderate in all ways with nothing extreme. The opposite is true of Tonkinese personality. There is nothing moderate about a Tonk's personality. If you want an aloof independent cat this is not the breed for you. They are very social, loving, and playful as well as riding on shoulders and demanding that you love them. They do nothing in small doses!


Tonkinese are very social. They love people and usually get along with children, other cats (other breeds), and dogs.

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They love toys, high places, riding on shoulders, monitors, socks, and playing fetch (even with large stuffed toys).

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Tonkinese are curious and playful. They also do things and get into places you might prefer they don't...

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When not playing and getting into everything, they cuddle and love to curl up with you. Its like having two cats in one. The "intelligent into everything" cat and the loving "cuddly". Many can be held in almost any position as they have such trust we will never hurt them.

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