(revised 5-26-02)


This organization shall be known as Tonkinese Breed Association.


This organization shall be a nonprofit club affiliated with The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. No part of any profit, dues or donations to the organization shall be used to the benefit of any member or individual.


     1.   To promote the welfare of all cats,
     2. To promote and improve the breeding of Tonkinese cats to the standards as accepted by CFA and to promote the Tonkinese within CFA,
     3. To sponsor cat shows and exhibits,
     4. To promote sportsmanship and friendship among cat fanciers.


Persons interested in the objectives of this organization shall be eligible for membership, subject to completing the requirements as delineated in the By-Laws.


The officers of this organization shall be a president, past-president (if eligible), vice-president, secretary and treasurer. In addition to the five officers, there shall be a regional coordinator for each Region in which at least three TBA members reside. These individuals shall be elected by the membership and serve as the executive board here after referred to as the Board of Directors.


The annual meeting of this organization shall be held during the CFA annual meeting. Other meetings shall be held as noted in the By-Laws. Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order.


Annual dues shall be payable on or before the date of the CFA annual meeting. The amount of dues shall be provided for in the By-Laws.


In the event of the dissolution of this organization, any property and assets shall be distributed to a non-profit organization consistent with the policy of The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. In no event shall any such property or assets be distributed to any member of the organization, or to any private individual.


This Constitution and the accompanying By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the votes received from the eligible membership.


(revised 04-21-2016)


Section A. Types of membership
     1.   Regular members - Regular membership is open to individuals who own a Tonkinese cat, and are interested in the objectives of the organization . Regular members have all privileges of membership, including the right to vote and hold office.
     2. Associate members - Associate membership is open to individuals who do not own a Tonkinese cat but are interested in the objectives of the organization. Associate members cannot vote or hold office.
Section B. Application for membership
     1. Membership is open to any person with an interest in the Tonkinese cat who completes an application for membership, signs the 'Code of Ethics', and submits one year's dues.
     2. New members shall receive the appropriate newsletters based on date joined.


Section A. Annual Meetings
     The annual meeting for the installation of officers shall be held during the CFA annual meeting.
Section B. Special Meetings
     Special meetings may be called at any time by the president. Special meetings may be conducted electronically as long as reasonable opportunity for discussion is provided.
Section C. Quorum
     A majority of the members of the Board of Directors or their proxy shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
     1.   The proxy designation must be written and must designate the meeting for which it applies. No continuing proxy designations will be recognized.
     2. No Director may serve as proxy for another.
     3. No person may serve as proxy for two Directors.
     4. The proxy for a Regional coordinator must live in the CFA Region which the Coordinator represents.
Section D. Participation and voting at meetings
     1.   All members shall be entitled to attend meetings and participate in any discussion.
     2. Voting at meetings shall be limited to the Board of Directors and/or their proxy.
     3. The Board of Directors may meet in executive session at the President’s discretion to address confidential items.
     4. The President or the Board of Directors by two-thirds majority vote may submit items to a membership vote.
     5. Determining TBA's ballot for CFA Officers and Directors elections shall be by membership vote. The TBA ballot will be cast reflecting the candidate for each position receiving the most votes. In the case of a tie, the Board of Directors shall determine which of the tied candidates is marked on the TBA ballot.


Section A. Elections Committee
     The President, shall appoint the Elections Committee at, or following, each Annual Meeting and shall fill vacancies on this committee as they occur.
    1.   No person shall be a member of the Elections Committee while that person, a member of that persons household or co-owner of the same CFA registered cattery, is a candidate for an elected position.
     2. The Elections Committee shall be responsible for elections and other membership votes.
     3. All elections and other membership votes, unless otherwise provided for by the Constitution or By-Laws, shall be decided by a simple majority of the valid ballots returned.
     4. Results of all membership votes shall be reported to the President as soon as possible. 
Section B. Eligibility for candidacy
     1.   Regular members with dues paid through June 30th of the current year are eligible.
     2. Only one elected position may be held.
     3. Two members of the same household or co-owners of the same registered CFA cattery shall not hold office simultaneously.
     4. Overlapping terms of office will not be permitted for the candidate, members of the same household or co-owners of the same CFA registered cattery.
     5. The Regional coordinators must reside in the Region they are representing.
  6. The President and Vice-President must reside in CFA Regions one thru seven.
  7. The Secretary and Treasurer must reside in the United States of America
Section C. Elections procedures 
     1.   The term of office for each elected Board Member shall begin at the start of the CFA Annual Meeting and last for a two year period.
     2. President, Treasurer, and Regional Coordinators from odd numbered regions shall be elected in odd-numbered years.
     3. Vice President, Secretary and Regional Coordinators from even-numbered regions shall be elected in even-numbered years.
     4. The January issue of The Aqua Eye shall list the positions to be filled and the duties of each position.
     5. Before March 30th candidates for the positions shall send statements declaring their intent to run and relating their qualifications and background to the Editor.
     6. The Candidates names and statements will be published in a TBA publication after the Editor checks their eligibility with the Elections Committee.
     7. The Elections Committee will check eligibility of each candidate.
     8. The Elections Committee, with the assistance of the President, will solicit a candidate for any position which would otherwise remain vacant.
     9. Prior to May 1 the Elections Committee shall send ballots with voting instructions, to all regular members allowing three weeks for return of the ballots.
     10. The Elections Committee shall notify the President once the ballots have been counted. 
     11. The President will insure that each candidate and all Board Members are notified of the results.
Section D. Vacancies
     1. All resignations shall be submitted in writing to the President or the Board of Directors.
     2. Vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. In the event the position of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall fill the position of President until the next scheduled presidential election. The resulting Vice-President vacancy shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Section A. President
     1.   shall serve as chief executive officer and conduct all meetings,
     2. shall appoint committees as needed,
     3. shall serve as ex officio member of all committees,
     4. appoint the Publication Editor,
  5. shall submit a message to the general membership reflecting the state of affairs of the Association in each issue of the Aqua Eye.
Section B. Vice President
  1. shall perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president.
Section C. Secretary
  1.   shall be the recording and corresponding officer,
  2. shall keep records of all meetings,
  3. shall serve as the contact person for CFA,
Section D. Treasurer
  1.   shall have custody of all moneys of the organization,
  2. shall keep records of all receipts and expenditures,
  3. shall open a bank account in the name of the organization,
  4. shall collect dues and renewals and keep a current roster of members,
  5. shall welcome all new members sending them the appropriate newsletters based on date joined.
Section E. Regional Coordinators
  1.   shall be responsible for communication within their appointed region,
  2. shall act as liaison between their region and the president,
  3. shall act as an information center within their appointed region,
  4. shall collect information from members and prepare a report for each issue of the Aqua Eye.
  5. shall encourage new members and attempt to increase membership in their appointed regions.


     1.   Dues shall be paid in U. S. currency only.
     2. DELETED.
     3. DELETED.
     4. Any member whose dues are in arrears will not have voting privileges.
     5. Any member whose dues are in arrears on September 1, will be removed from the roster and must apply for new membership.
  6. The Board of Directors will set the amount of the dues prior to the CFA annual meeting each year.


This organization shall have two publications:
     1.   The Aqua Eye which is to be published in January, April, July, and October and mailed to all members and CFA judges.
     2. The Contact Lens which is to be published as needed and mailed only to members.
     3. The Editor shall be responsible for soliciting articles that relate to Tonkinese and to cat welfare in general. 
     4. The Editor will attempt to obtain a report from every region.


     1.   A member of the TBA has the obligation to conduct him/herself in a manner reflecting credit upon him/herself as a representative of the professional cat fancy, on the breed of cat which he/she breeds and on the TBA.
     2. A member of the TBA who undertakes the breeding of a litter of cats or who allows the use of any cat in his/her possession to that end, shall endeavor to produce cats of exceptional quality, temperament and condition. Members of the TBA shall comply with current CFA regulations for those Tonkinese to be registered in CFA.
     3. No member of the TBA shall practice false or misleading advertising, nor misrepresent in any fashion the breed of cat which he/she produces.
     4. No member of TBA shall, orally, in writing, or by electronic means, either intentionally or with negligent or reckless disregard for the truth, make any false or misleading statement that would harm or tend to harm the reputation (individual or business)  of another TBA member, or of that member's cats or breeding practices.
     5. No member of the TBA will sell or transfer ownership of cats in his/her possession to a shelter. The member will contact the breeder, TBA or Tonkinese Rescue for assistance in rehoming the cat.
  6. No member of the TBA will sell or otherwise transfer ownership of cats in his/her possession to any retail pet establishment, or to any wholesaler of cats, or knowingly sell or otherwise transfer ownership of cats to another breeder who in any manner supplies pets to retail pet establishments or wholesalers of cats nor will he/she participate in the sale of any cat through lottery or similar means.
  7. A member of the TBA will continually strive to maintain the best possible standards of health and care for cats in his possession and in the operating practices of his/her cattery.
  8. Anyone known to be in violation of our Code of Ethics shall be disciplined by the Board of Directors in the form of a letter signed by all such members. If said letter is ignored the Board has the right to terminate an individual's membership in the TBA for a period of time, that time to be determined by the Board. Upon reapplication for membership by a terminated member, the Board of Directors may at their discretion reinstate such terminated member after expiration of the period of termination imposed by the board.