Aqua Eye (AE), Contact Lens (CL), President Messages (PM), Declaration of candidates (DC), Breed Council Minutes (BCM)

I don't know how many CL, PM, and BCM's are missing since some may never have been created.

YR What we have Topics. Many include intros to members
79 AE July, Aug, Sept, Ocr , Nov-Dec, CL Breed Council info & members, Tonkinese genetics, officers, membership, Tonks shown in Empire cat show
80 AE Feb, Mar, May-June, July-Aug, Oct, Nov-Dec, CL, DC logo, experiences at shows, tshirts, west coast TBA meeting minutes, honey discussion, Zookeeper looks at Africa by Mary Swanson (Mary contributes many articles over the next few years), TBA sponsors first ring
81 AE Jan-Apr, May Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec, PM Mar, Declarations, Tonks shown summary No breed council, Las Vegas meeting report, 1st TBA show, move to Provisional status, list of 70 judges who handled Tonks in misc class & list of cats, litter of 11 (all survive), tube feeding , 1st TBA show
82 AE Dec 81-Jan 82, Feb-Mar, Jun-Jul. Aug-Oct, Nov-Dec, CL Mar, PM, Declarations 2nd TBA show
83 AE Feb-Apr, May-June, Sep-Oct, PM Mar, May 3rd TBA show
84 CL March, Apr, May, June, July, Aug-Sep, Declarations, PM Results of first show with Tonks in competition May 94, Identification of Tonk colors,
85 AE, Jan, July, Oct, CL June, PM Jan, Feb, March, Apr [Apr missing] 1st Tonk grand
86 AE May, 1Q 86-7, 2Q 86-7, CL Mar, July BCM Jun [Jan missing] barring in Tonkinese, reopening stud book, letters from Margaret Conroy
87 AE 3Q 86-7, 4Q 86-7, 1Q 87-8, 2Q 87-8 Tonkinese muzzle
88 AE 3Q 87-8, 2Q 88-9, CL Mar, May, Jul [4Q 87-8, 1Q 88-9 missing]  
89 AE 3Q 88-9, CL Jun [4Q 88-9, 1Q, 2Q 89-90 missing]  
90 AE Winter 89-90, 4Q 89-90, 1Q 90-1, 2/3Q 90-1, CL Apr May 1 & 2, BCM Jun  
91 AE 1Q 91-2, 2Q 91-2, CL May [4Q 90-1 missing]  
92 AE 3Q 91-2, 1Q 92-3, 2Q 92-3, CL Jun, July, PM Mar, May/June  [4Q 91-2 missing] Color: Does it make a difference?, Nellie's Memory
93 AE 3Q 92-3, 4Q 92-3, 1Q 93-4, 2Q 93-4, CL Jan, Apr, June Norma Roy remembers
94 AE Jan, Apr Fall [summer missing] Gucci, Tonk Togs, Platinums are different, Saga of Brut, Tonk Tots, Shine, Wiser, Pzazz, Velvet Creme
95 AE Feb, May, Fall [summer missing] Shujen Watch Me Mom
96 AE Jan, May, Aug [fall missing]  
97 AE Jan, Apr,  Jul, Nov AOV registration #'s (and some creative colors),Alpine Lace,
98 AE Jan, Apr, Jul,  Oct CL Apr 98 B'ssa, B4 Just Us of Seaflower, Tiqui's Chayia, Windsong, Shanfoo, Tonk genetics, Chateaubrut/ Sonham, Smidgen, Phoebe
99 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
00 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct Toytown story , Tasha, where does the money go
01 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct Pattern chart, Tonks around the world, the acceptance of the new patterns, Tonk myths
02 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct, CL Sep Chianti
03 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct CL Apr TBA logo stuff , Burm, Siamese, Tonk standard comparisons
04 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct Tonkines History & genetics Cristy Bird
05 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
06 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
07 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
08 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
09 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
10 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
11 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
12 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
13 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
14 AE Apr, Jul, Oct No Jan issue  
15 AE Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct  
16 AE Jan, Apr, Jul CL Apr, Jul