The following are key events in the history of Tonkinese. Since TBA is a CFA club, the time line focuses on CFA and TBA events, but other events are included to make it more complete. All dates after 1975 are CFA except for 2 TICA dates.

Early dates are obtained from articles written by a variety of people and not based on original records. The CFA dates are based on CFA Board Minutes.

Note: In showing some board actions I have listed only the first request and if denied, I then put when it eventually passed. There may be more years when it was denied in-between.


1800's  In the Thailand area, all three coat patterns exist that are today known as Siamese, Tonkinese, and Burmese and is the source for all 3 breeds
1930 Wong Mau imported to the United States. She is the foundation cat for the Burmese and the first known cat in the US with a mink pattern.
1945 CFA prohibits Siamese to Burmese crosses from being shown in Championship
1950's  Miscellaneous breeding of Siamese and Burmese cats
1965 Margaret Conroy in Canada starts breeding Tonkinese & Jane Barletta in the US as well as many other breeders
1966 Tonkinese can't be registered in CFA but are shown in various classes over the next few years: Household Pets, For Exhibit Only, and Experimental Classes
1967  Canadian Cat Association (CCA) recognizes Tonkinese
1971 Canadian Cat Association (CCA) accepts Tonkinese in Championship Class
Tonkinese Breed Club (TBC) is formed to promote Tonkinese 
1972 Independent Cat Federation (ICF) accepts Tonkinese
1974 Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) accepts Tonkinese in Experimental class
1976 May 1 Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) accepts Tonkinese in Championship class
1977 TBC Requests registration in CFA - denied
1978 TBC Requests registration in CFA - denied then discussion reopened and approved
Breed Council started
1979  CFA Tonkinese CFA registration complete and Tonkinese start being shown in Miscellaneous class in 4 colors: Natural, Champagne, Blue, and Honey
Tonkinese Breed Association (TBA) forms to promote Tonkinese in CFA & publishes the first Aqua Eye in July
CFA accepts both TBC and TBA as Tonkinese breed clubs
TICA accepts Tonkinese first year it is created
1st TBA Logo created
1980  TBC resigns from CFA and TBA becomes the sole representative club
Intention to request move to Provisional barred by 5 year rule
Platinum color added
Malayans (Dilute Burmese) accepted as outcrosses
Classified as hybrids
Breed council disbanded due to 1979 rule requiring a breed be in provisional class first
1981  Request Provisional status - 5 year rule waived and it is approved
1982 Question regarding polling of Siamese and Burmese breeders on their breed council ballots about Tonkinese
Tonks shown in Provisional class and Breed Council formed again
1983  Request championship status - denied
1984 Request Championship status - accepted
Outcrossing to Siamese and Burmese stopped
1986 Request separate color classes in competition - denied
1989  TICA accepts all 3 coat patterns in championship class
1991 Honey moved to AOV class
1993 Request separate color classes in competition - accepted
Color definitions added for 12 color, coat patterns
1995 Judges workshop at the annual in San Diego
1998 Request acceptance of all 3 coat patterns for championship - ruled out of order
2000 Request change from hybrid to established breed status - failed
2001 Request change from hybrid to established breed status - accepted
2002 Request acceptance of all 3 coat patterns for championship - accepted

Breed Clubs

There have been 2 main national Tonkinese clubs in the US. The first was TBC. Although affiliated with CCF, it worked with members of many registries: CFF, CFA, TICA, and CCA. It was the breed club that worked to gain registration in CFA. In 1979 TBA was formed which focused on CFA alone. TBC eventually dropped out of CFA as TBA took dominance, but continued with the other organizations and did publish information about CFA as well. Many people were members of both.

TBA Shows
(may be incomplete)

1981 August 30 Smithtown, NY
1982 August 28/29 Long Island, NY Cats Ahoy
1983 August 13 Long Island, NY
1984 April 28-29 Melville, NY Honkey Tonks
1985 May 11 Dracut, MA
1990 Feb 24-25 Salem, NH
1992 May 30-31 Pasadena, CA Reflections Jointly with the Havana Brown Fanciers
1993 July 31, Aug 1 Boxborough, MA
1994 May 21-22 Chicago, IL 'Celebrate' 10 Years in Championship
1995 March 11-12  Mesquite, TX Jointly with the Lone Star Cat Club
1998 August 1-2 St. Charles, MO
1999 ? Ontario, CA
2000 Jan  Baltimore, MD
2001 Sept 20-21 Columbus, Ohio
2002 June 29-30 Allentown, PA
2003 March 29-30 Houston, TX
2004 Phoenix, AZ
2005 None
2006 Indianapolis, IN
2007 Aug Portland, OR
2008 Sep Baltimore, MD
2009 Aug 16-17 Allen Park, Mi