Past Photo Contest Winners

2019 Winners


Congratulations to Tilly Anger

whose photo of Col AJ Ramsey, known as

"AJ", won the Cover of The Aqua Eye in

the 2019 Tonkinese Breed Association

Photo Contest.

AJ, a Platinum Point Neuter, was 12 years old
at the time this photo was taken.

Breeder: Connie Schmidth



Best Kitten Photo

6-month-old Champagne Point Female

Owner//Member: Linda Martino

Breeder/Member: Carmen & Linda Martino

Caption: "Wait for me!"

Best Adult Photo


4-year-old Platinum Mink Male

Owner/Member: Janice Williams
Breeder/Member: Laurie Holmes

Caption: “The Handsom Boy”

Best Photo Showing Personality


2-year-old Platinum Mink Female

Owner: Marissa LaVigne
Breeder/Member: Diane & Harold Bourgeois

Best Photo Showing Sociability

Bruno, alias Big Boy

4-year-old Platinum Mink Male with mistress Arden

Owner: Laura Tchorbadjian

Breeder/Member: Linda & Carmen Martino


Best Photo Showing Humor

Tonkinese Kitten

Natural Point Male

Owner/Breeder/Member: Colette Burnett

Best Photo Showing Creativity


Champagne Mink Male

Owner: Karla Ruedinger
Breeder/Member: Linda & Carmen Martino

Caption: "Throught the looking glass"

High Scoring Photo
(all categories combined and not otherwise awarded)


1-year-old Blue Point Male

Owner/Member:Brittany Link
Breeder/Member: Nancy Mikita

Caption: “Smile!”





Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Best Cover Photo


14-year-old Champagne Mink MalePlatinum Mink Male

Owner/Member: Kathleen A. Lynch
Breeder/Member: Lynn Jordan

Honorable Mention: Best Adult Photo

Bob the Tonk

9-month-old Blue Point Male

Owner: Joe Michael Wyspianski
Breeder/Member: Aurora York

Honorable Mention: Best Adult Photo

Onna Noko

11-month-old Natural Mink Female

Owner/Breeder/Member: Lisa Smith

Honorable Mention: Best Kitten Photo

Pendragons Kittens

Owner/Breeder/Member: Laurie Holmes

Caption:"Eight is enough."

Honorable Mention: Best Kitten Photo


Platinum Mink Female

Owner/Member: Anna Ehlert
Breeder/Member: Laurie Holmes

Honorable Mention: Best Photo Showing Personality

Sweet Pea

1-year-old Champagne Point Female

Owner/Member: Renee & Stephen Wolf Foster
Breeder/Member: Aurora York

Caption: "I think I can reach it!"

Honorable Mention: Best Photo Showing Sociability

Luigi and Mario

Luigi: 2-year-old Platinum Mink Male
Mario: 2-year-old Champagne Solid Male

Owner/Member: Anthony Roberts
Breeder/Member: Lynn Jordan

Caption: "The Super 'Bros."

Honorable Mention: Best Photo Showing Sociability


10-year-old Platinum Mink Male

Owner: Paulette Walters
Breeder/Member: Nancy Mikita

Honorable Mention: Best Photo Showing Sociability


1-year-old Platinum Mink Female

Owner/Member: Philip Isles
Breeder/Member: Linda &Carmen Martino

Honorable Mention: Best Photo Showing Creativity


4-year-old Champagne Mink Female

Owner/Member: Janice Williams
Breeder/Member: Laurie Holmes

To all the breeders and pet owners who submitted photos

to all the members who voted in TBA's 2019 Photo Contest,

Thank You!!

You made this another successful Photo Contest

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Web Editor's Choice,

in no particular order.... and for no particular reason other than I liked the photo....


10-year-old Platinum Point Male

Owner: Mary Canzano
Member/Breeder: Peggy Gyimesi


Nashira's Xiamara Simi, Ghislaine, Yosemite, Hajnal, Ganymede

Natural Mink, Fawn Solid, Blue Solid,
Honey Mink and Fawn Mink (left to right)

Owner/Member/Breeder: Monika Wernli

Lady Bronwyn and Pennie

Lady Bronwyn: 8-year-old Natural Solid Female
Pennie: 2-month-old Natural Mink Female

Owner/Member: Candilee Jackson
Breeder/Member: Karen Willis and Candilee Jackson

Caption: ”Photo Bomb"

Thelonius Monk

6-year-old Champagne Mink Male

Owner: Ryan & Kelly O'Toole
Breeder/Member: Candilee Jackson


2-year-old Blue Mink Female (also known as Jo-Jo)

Owner: Liz Gaines
Breeder/Member: Nancy Mikita